Cab In A Solo

Cabin Fever

Cabo Moon

Cajun - Video


California Cha

Call Me Baby - Video

Canadian Stomp - Video

Can’t Stop aka
Bad As I Want To

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Capital Letters

Captured By Love - Video

Cards On The Table

Carribean Pearl

Casanova Cowboy - Video

Catch & Release

Catch The Rain - Video


Cathy’s Waltz Video

C.C.S. - Video


Celtic Duo

Celtic Teardrops - Video

C’est La Vie - Video

Cha Cha Slide

Cha Cha With Me - Video

Champagne Promise

Charleston Step
 - Video

Chica Boom Boom - Video

Chica Loca

Chick Magnet

Chill Factor - Video

Chirpy Charleston Video

Christmas On Tour

Christmas Waltz

Clap Snap

Cleveland Boyz

Cliche - Video

Cliché Love Song

Clickety Clack - Video

Clocks Video

Close To You

Coastin - Video

Coast Is Clear - Video

Cockadoodle - Video


Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights

Cold Feet

Cold Heart

Colorado Cha Cha

Come Dance With Me - Video

Come On Rain - Video

Completely EZ



Conrado Cha Cha

Continental Cowboy - Video

Cooler Than Cool


Cotton Eye Joe - Video 

(Every) Cotton Pickin’  Morning Video

Could I Have This Dance - Video


Country 2 Step - Video

Country As Can Be

Country Boy Lovin’

Country Bump

Country Girl

Country Heart - Video

Country Music - Video

Country Nights

Country Walkin’ - Video

Cowboy Cha Cha - Video

Cowboy Charleston - Video
Wir beginnen mit den Heeltaps

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Strut - Video

Cowboy Up - Video

Cowgirl Twist

Coyote - Video

Coz I Don’t Care

Crank It Up aka Goin’ Hamm

Crazy (Criss) Cross 
The Cursty Cross The Cursty Cross Video

Crazy Foot Mambo - Video

 Crazy Legs - Video

Crazy What Love Can Do

Creepin’  Up - Video

Creep On In - Video

Cry Cry Cry

Crystal Touch

Cry To Me - Video

Cupid Shuffle

Curious Girl

Cut A Rug

Cute Cute Cute - Video

Cuz Boy, I Ain’t Your Mama!